Is it November yet?

Teri Moren, Indiana Women's Basketball
Teri Moren, Indiana Women's Basketball / Rich Janzaruk/Herald-Times / USA TODAY

It is currently June 14th, 2024 as of the writing of this article. Unfortunately, time travel has yet to be mastered by humankind, because if it was there would be a whole lot of folks sporting candy striped apparel fast forwarding to November.

Indiana basketball appears to be all caps BACK, and that goes for both the men's and women's sides of the spectrum. Scary times could soon be coming for the unfortunate opponents tasked with clashing with the cream and crimson in 2024-2025.

When you think back throughout recent memory, can you think of a time that there was this much hype surrounding the entire Indiana basketball program?

Mike Woodson completely re-shaped the structure of the men's team, and has the squad looking ready for redemption after a lackluster campaign in 2023-2024. Many college hoops insiders have them pegged as preseason top 25 team, and there are lofty expectations for the fellas to figure out how to resurrect the energy after the doozy that was last season.

With the present 12-man roster all currently on campus for offseason workouts, it looks like they are already building cohesion as a collective unit.

On the ladies side, Teri Moren has her squad looking legitimate once again. After losing stars Mackenzie Holmes and Sara Scalia and falling in the Sweet Sixteen to eventual NCAA champion South Carolina, this is a team that should be ready to come out and make a statement right from the jump. They have the tools to turn their ultimate dream of a championship into a reality, and the hope is that this could finally be the year that they break through that barrier.

Whatever happens this season, we are simply eager to witness it all unfold before our eyes. There are some good basketball days ahead for the Hoosiers, and we will just have to stay patient as they prepare themselves silently over the course of the next few months.

Go Hoosiers!