The Boys are Back in B-Town

Mackenzie Mgbako, Indiana Men's Basketball
Mackenzie Mgbako, Indiana Men's Basketball / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana men's basketball team has returned to beloved Bloomington to commence the perennial cream and crimson camaraderie.

After a sluggish season throughout 2023-2024, there are incredibly high hopes for what this new version of the Hoosiers can accomplish next year. This re-tooled roster is oozing with potential, and there is a lot of speculation into the idea of them transitioning back into contention.

However, if they are going to elevate back into that tier of the elites, they are going to have to hit the ground running from day 1. Not only that, but they are furthermore going to need to sustain their level of commitment to one another each and every day. No one guy is more important than any other guy, and that means that some of the talented returnees such as Malik Reneau and Mackenzie Mgbako pushing their individual aspirations to the side and prioritizing the goals of the team as a unit.

When a soldier prepares for battle, they do so knowing that they will have fellow troops beside them. When penetrating enemy lines and/or entering uncharted territory, these squadrons stick together through thick and thin with the mission of serving their territory and supporting humanity.

Mike Woodson has his band of brothers bracing themselves for a bounce back campaign. For now, these soldiers are training within the friendly confines of Cook Hall. In just a few short months, they will kick things off in the preseason with some exhibitions in front of the candy stripe faithful at Assembly Hall. Then, the truest tribulations will begin when they are cast into the always unforgiving gauntlet of road games set within hostile environment after hostile environment.

They will cross those bridges when they arrive at them, but their present priority should be on preparing for that point. It will be a day by day process, and the team looked war ready during day 1.