An Argument For AND Against IUBB as Contenders Next Season

Mackenzie Mgabko, Indiana Men's Basketball
Mackenzie Mgabko, Indiana Men's Basketball / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Say what you want about the mediocre success that Mike Woodson has had since returning to Bloomington in 2021 to coach his alma mater, but there is contesting the fact that this man absolutely murdered the reconstruction of this roster. From top to bottom, this is the type of team that could feasibly yield nightmares within the minds of any and all opposition throughout the course of the 2024-2025 NCAA basketball season ON PAPER.

Did you notice how the final two words of the previous sentence, which were both in ALL CAPS, were also each boldened and italicized?

Well, that is simply because in theory the Indiana men's basketball team has the makings of a potential juggernaut. But when reality sets in, there are always going to be certain red flags that temper some of the loftier aspirations in college hoops. For every advocate who stands behind their team, there is an adversary somewhere out there in the greater cosmos with a rebuttal for any and all promising claims tied to the team's outlook.

With those things being said, we must take some time to delve into each end of the debacle in order to solve which side of the spectrum we are best suited for.