How does 2023-2024 Compare to the Worst Seasons in IUBB History?

Mike Woodson, Indiana Men's Basketball
Mike Woodson, Indiana Men's Basketball / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The 2023-2024 college basketball season has not been kind to Mike Woodson and his Indiana Hoosiers. While these have undoubtedly been trying times in Bloomington, it is not as if this team has never faced hardships in years past.

While IU's 2023-2024 record (15-13 overall, 7-10 in conference play) may not showcase much positivity it is important that we as a fanbase reflect on just how far this entire program has come over the years. In the not-so-distant past this team was among the laughing stock squads across the entire nation.

In Tom Crean's first season as the commander of this unit, the team laid an absolute egg to the tune of 6-25. They made a tiny fraction of progress the following season, but only if you consider a 10-21 record genuine improvement.

The point is, it certainly took the candy stripe faithful some time to really warm up to Tom Crean. There was a lot of doubt in his inaugural years, but when his tenure in Bloomington was complete he had cemented a legacy as one of the most beloved figures in the history of Indiana men's basketball.

Mike Woodson took control of the coaching reigns in the spring of 2021, and led the team to a 21-14 overall record in his first season in charge. The following year, the Hoosiers looked like a much better version of the prior year's team. The 2023-2024 squad may have regressed in comparison to 2022-2023, but it is always essential to remember that things could always be worse.