Top 5 Head Coaches in Indiana Men's Basketball History

Bob Knight, Indiana Men's Basketball
Bob Knight, Indiana Men's Basketball / Getty Images/GettyImages
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If you know anything about Indiana University basketball, than you know the storied tradition tied to this program. Throughout the many memories that have been concocted via some of the best basketball players in college basketball history, the cream and crimson crew has developed into one of the few blue-blood dynasties in the many years of collegiate hoops.

While the players on the court always receive a lion's share of recognition, it is the coaches on the sideline who properly prepare those players to succeed. While they deserve more credit, it normally seems as though they are more keen to receiving the criticism and backlash when things go south. We are currently witnessing a prime example of this with IU, as Mike Woodson's coaching approach has been met with a lot of impatience and unease amongst the general fanbase in what has been a disappointing 2023-2024 campaign so far.

Woody has not been as bad as many present pictures may paint him, but there have been ample commanders who have produced more positive results for the Indiana men's basketball program during their tenures in B-Town. With that being said, here are the top 5 head coaches in the history of IUBB.

#5 = Mike Davis

YEARS COACHED: 2001-2006 (6 Seasons)

RECORD: 115-79 (59.3 Winning %)




RANKING RATIONALE: As the successor to Bob Knight (who we will get to in just a bit), Mike Davis had humongous shoes to fill upon taking over as the head coach at Indiana in 2000. While the team may not have won any hardware across his 6 seasons at the helm, Davis certainly made his mark in Bloomington. Many fans were disheartened when he elected to step down from his position following the conclusion of the 2005-2006. He went on to coach UAB, Texas Southern and Detroit Mercy (where he is currently still running the show).