Indiana Hoosiers: Take our Hoosier State of Mind fan survey

College sports and Indiana Athletics will be back before we know it, but in the meantime, we want to hear what Indiana fans think about a variety of topics.

Hoosier State of Mind wants to hear from our fans to get a sense of their thoughts on IU Basketball, Football, and plenty more! So, we present our first-ever fan survey.

We asked questions about IU Football and Basketball along with questions about IU history. After we compile the responses to the survey, we’ll show the final voting tallies for every question along with a detailed analysis of what the results mean for Hoosier Nation.

Some of my favorite questions are fun ones that will be able to grasp the optimism and hype surrounding Indiana sports this coming year. Football questions such as “What would you do if Indiana played in the Rose Bowl this year?” and “Who will end up being the highest NFL draft pick?” will get you hyped about the upcoming football season.

The basketball questions are similarly fun with inquiries such as  “What seed do you expect Indiana to be in the 2021 tournament?” and “Who will be the breakout player for the Hoosiers this coming season?”. Have you ever wondered who would be on an Indiana Hoosier Mount Rushmore? Start thinking about it (wink, wink).

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Let us know what you think about the survey and the questions on twitter @Hoosierstofmind or comment down below.

If you can’t open the survey or are using a mobile device, Try Here.


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