Indiana Football: Ranking each game on the schedule by difficulty

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The Indiana football team has big plans this year, but they still must get through a tough conference schedule. We rank the games by difficulty.

Everyone is still hopeful that the college football season will go on without any changes, but it is still to remain to be seen. There have been rumors floating around of only conference games being played, which would be better than nothing but not ideal.

Indiana’s non-conference schedule is not very good, so it wouldn’t really hurt them much except it would take away three almost guaranteed wins. But as far as public perception of the team it wouldn’t change it at all.

The FPI predictions have the Hoosiers winning up to eight games, which would make two years in a row that they hit that win total. Something that has not been seen in Bloomington very often. The Hoosiers return a lot of talent and all Indiana fans hope the season can be played in its entirety.

Until we are told otherwise we are going to believe that the full season will be played and we will look at the whole schedule. We have already ranked the games by entertainment value, but now we are going to rank them by the level of difficulty starting with some horrible non-conference games all the way up to the brutal stretch of the Big Ten East.

If the Hoosiers want to show they are back they will have to win some of those big-time conference games, but they also must take care of the weak teams before them. If they can do that, then maybe they have turned the corner.

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