Could Yogi Ferrell slide into a spot with The Brooklyn Nets?

Mar 16, 2016; Des Moines, IA, USA; Indiana Hoosiers guard Yogi Ferrell (11) signs autographs during a practice day before the first round of the NCAA men
Mar 16, 2016; Des Moines, IA, USA; Indiana Hoosiers guard Yogi Ferrell (11) signs autographs during a practice day before the first round of the NCAA men /

What will it take for Kevin ‘Yogi’ Ferrell to land a spot on an NBA roster?

Two of the notable names from the 2015-16 Hoosiers Basketball team got the chance to showcase their talent in the 2016 NBA Summer League. Kevin ‘Yogi’ Ferrell spent the last four years developing his skills into one of the best point guards in The Big Ten Conference and NCAA.

He played, developed and learned from current NBA players Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller and Noah Vonleh. Troy Williams, who surprised much of the Hoosier Nation, declared for the draft after just three season under head coach Tom Crean. Many people were skeptical that Williams had left for the draft too early, not coming back for his senior season with the team could hurt his draft stock. When the 2016 NBA Draft came around this June, neither names were called. After spending some time working out for different NBA teams, both received the chance to prove they are worthy of playing in the greatest basketball league on the face of the Earth.

Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

There was no question when Yogi Ferrell stepped onto the court at Assembly Hall for his senior season whether or not he had the talent to be one of the best players in the NCAA. Ferrell has been developing his skills for four years with the Hoosiers who were knocked out of the NCAA Tournament in the round of sixteen. Yogi Ferrell has been decorated and honored with two regular season Big Ten Titles, a chance to showcase his skills in the NCAA Tournament and, oh yeah, he is the all time leader in assists at Indiana University.

Yet, he found himself left off most mock drafts.

After going undrafted, Yogi Ferrell signed with the Brooklyn Nets contingent on his performance during the 2016 NBA Summer League. Ferrell, the undersized and often overlooked guard, has been pleading his case to NBA teams trying to work his way into the league. In just four games, none in which Ferrell started, he averaged 8.8 PPG/1.5 RPG/1.8 APG. Ferrell only average 17 minutes per game and shot 18% from three. However, it’s not time to panic. Many players who play in the NBA Summer League are often trying to get adjusted to the numerous different situations they will encounter taking the next step in their careers. These statistics should be taken with a grain of salt, because then again it is just summer league.

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While the Brooklyn Nets sit in NBA purgatory, Yogi Ferrell could end up finding himself being added to the end of the bench as the Nets continue to trade assets away in order to build for the future. A potential signing with the Brooklyn Nets could not have come at a better time for Ferrell, with the Nets desperately seeking point guard depth. Brooklyn’s offer to point guard Josh Richardson during the first week of the NBA Free Agency did not go as planned.

The Miami Heat matched his offer sheet, which provided the opportunity for Yogi Ferrell to attempt to make the team. The Brooklyn Nets depth chart is scarce, recent free agent signing Jeremy Lin being the only NBA ready player available on their depth chart. I would be extremely surprised if Ferrell was left off the roster at the beginning of the season because of a lackluster performance in the NBA Summer League. Yogi has proven in his four years with the Hoosiers that he can be the play maker, facilitator and three point threat that so many NBA teams are looking for.

The outsiders prospective of Yogi Ferrell will come with as followed: “He is undersized”, “How is he going to be able to develop?”, and “Going undrafted hurts”. While we all know the type of work, pride and adversity Ferrell has faced many will leave him off NBA rosters all together. I, for one, thought he was undoubtable a second round pick (take that for what its worth). The fact that he went undrafted will only give him the fuel to ignite his work ethic and passion for the game. There should be no questions about Ferrell’s commitment to the game, the question really becomes how he will be able to handle the adjustment. Will he be able to develop his killer three point shooting in order to advance with the new age of basketball? It remains to be seen. He’s just a humble kid from Indianapolis looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, rightfully deserved.