What exactly went wrong with Indiana Men's Basketball this season? It's more than one thing, that's for sure.

The regular season is coming to a close. Indiana's 15-point loss to Nebraska on Wednesday left a lot of Hoosier basketball fans wondering exactly what happened this year.
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This was not a well constructed roster.

Contrary to the results on the scoreboard, the Hoosiers have not quit. There was max effort against Nebraska despite losing by 15 points. This roster has some serious holes. For example, the loss to Penn State exposed the Hoosiers lack of established guard play. It is hard to account for the injuries to Xavier Johnson, however, they new Cuff wasn't ready.

They should have gone into the portal and tried to find another point guard but they didn't get one in the portal. With two low-post players, they need more shooters. They need to watch film of that 2009 Orlando Magic team. They surrounded Dwight Howard with shooters when got double-teamed.

Let's be honest about a couple of other teams, it isn't all on roster construction. The Hoosiers can't shoot free throws; ironic for a team that attacks the basket they way they do. Indiana gives up far too many offensive rebounds.

The roster's construction is on the coaching staff. Woodson and everyone knew what they needed at the beginning of the season.