Way Too Early Big Ten Quarterback Rankings

With an expanded Big Ten, these are how the quarterbacks in the conference rate before summer and fall camp begins.
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17. Brendan Sullivan

Brendan Sullivan
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Since Clayton Thorson left Evanston, the Northwestern Wildcats have played quarterback musical chairs. They've had some success but mostly mediocrity at the position. Where quarterback Brendan Sullivan ranks on this list does not matter. The Wildcats often play above their power ratings, projections, and talent. Despite how head coach Pat Fitzgerald left the program, that is the culture he built. Head coach David Braun has continued that culture at Northwestern. Sullivan won't be much of a difference-maker; his job will be not to lose games.

16. Cade McNamara

Cade Mcnamara
Michigan State v Iowa / Matthew Holst/GettyImages

There is no greater ability than availability. Iowa is pinning all its goals and aspirations on a quarterback coming off a significant lower-body injury. It's not going to matter who the offensive coordinator is. If McNamara gets hurt again or plays like a quarterback coming off a lower-body injury, Iowa might not win many games. There is also something to the fact that McNamara was beaten out by J.J. McCarthy while at Michigan.