The Little things cost Indiana Basketball against Northwestern this afternoon.

Indiana Basketball committed 11 turnovers, shot 57 percent from the free throw line, and allowed 14 offensive rebounds in this afternoon's 76-72 loss to the Northwestern Wildcats.

Indiana v Northwestern
Indiana v Northwestern / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

There's an old saying, "The Devil's in the details." That adage is a fitting description for Indiana Basketball this season. The Hoosiers have struggled with the little things, those fundamental details this season, and they have cost them games. Turnovers, free throws, three-point shooting, or some combination cost them against Kansas, Nebraska, and Illinois.

Allowing offensive rebounds cost them today and against Rutgers. Indiana has been inconsistent, not because they aren't talented but because they struggle to do the little things consistently. Their opponent, on the other hand, excels at those fundamental things. Northwestern committed just three turnovers and shot almost 80 percent from the free-throw line.

When Northwestern loses games, it loses to teams with more talent. The Wildcats rarely beat themselves. This afternoon at Assembly Hall is a perfect example of that fact.

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Indiana Basketball Cost Themselves Today

Today's game was ironic because the box score and team stats say the Hoosiers did almost everything right to win this game. Indiana held Northwestern's best player, guard Boo Buie, to 3-14 shooting and 14 points. The Wildcat bench scored one point in 39 total minutes. Northwestern shot under 40 percent (37.5%) from the field and 8-23 from three-point range this afternoon.

Offensively, Indiana shot better from the field at 50.9 percent and outscored Northwestern in the paint 38-26. However, it was those fundamental errors that cost the Hoosiers this game.

Kel'el Ware scored 26 points and grabbed 16 rebounds but committed three huge turnovers. His partner in the front court, Malik Reneau, struggled, scoring nine points and committing four turnovers before fouling out. Consider this: Indiana lost by four points today. They missed nine free throws. If they make those free throws, they possibly win by five points.

Little things add up, and the Hoosiers need to learn that lesson.