The Indiana Football Spring Game left more questions than answers to the Quarterback Competition.

Tayven Jackson and Kurtis Rourke are likely to compete for the starting quarterback job well into the fall at Indiana.
Indiana Hoosiers quarterback Tayven Jackson (2) and Indiana Hoosiers quarterback Kurtis Rourke (9)
Indiana Hoosiers quarterback Tayven Jackson (2) and Indiana Hoosiers quarterback Kurtis Rourke (9) / Bobby Goddin/Herald-Times / USA TODAY

There will be plenty of competition throughout the summer and fall in Bloomington, but none more critical to Curt Cignetti's success in year one than the competition between Tayven Jackson and Kurtis Rourke for the starting quarterback job. Cignetti, offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan, and quarterback's coach Tino Sunseri understand the need to get the quarterback right.

To be sure, you can take the Indiana football spring game -- or any spring game, for that matter -- with a grain of salt. However, one could not unsee how much more comfortable Jackson looked than Rourke in the new offense.

Jackson completed his first eight passes, while Rourke completed two of his first five. Jackson led the Hoosiers on their first scoring drive. Give the Ohio transfer credit; he saved his best drive for last. Rourke led the first team, and Jackson ran the second, but both quarterbacks got time with all the skill position players.

Jackson was in command and in rhythm from the first snap. Rourke took some time to heat up. Rourke seemed reluctant at times to push the ball downfield and his ball placement wasn't sharp.

How even both quarterbacks look should come as no surprise. Jackson was a ballyhooed transfer from Tennessee, and Rourke is a former MAC Offensive player of the year.

The one thing we didn't see was either quarterback run. It was non-contact on the quarterbacks, so there wasn't an opportunity for either Rourke or Jackson to display their running prowess.

Head coach Curt Cignetti isn't discussing the quarterback competition or how each player is progressing. However, gleaning two things from what he's said is not hard. First, whoever is the starter against Florida International won the competition on the field. Second, it is Rourke's job for the take.

While the specifics are kept in house, Rourke did not take the job during the spring game. This competition might last until week one.