Teri Moren is a Certified Catalyst

Teri Moren, Indiana Women's Basketball
Teri Moren, Indiana Women's Basketball / Rich Janzaruk/Herald-Times / USA TODAY

Since the moment that Teri Moren was hired as the head coach of the Indiana University women's basketball team in 2014, she has completely reshaped the reputation of this program.

Throughout the course of her active (and hopefully everlasting) tenure as the sideline pilot in Bloomington, this team has soared to new heights. The squad has won at least 1 NCAA tournament game in each of the past 4 seasons, and they gave Dawn Staley's mighty South Carolina Gamecocks everything they had in their Sweet 16 loss back in March.

Moren has been the primary culprit for these continued crusades towards contention.

She took Grace Berger under her wing and turned her into one of the WNBA's most underrated (and under-appreciated) players actively in the association. She crafted Mackenzie Holmes into the most dominant big that has ever played at IU, and one of the most dominant bigs to ever play in the Big Ten conference. She has already worked her magic in assisting both Sydney Parrish and Chloe Moore-McNeil with expanding their games, and now her mission will be to catapult them into stardom.

Mackenzie Holmes and Grace Berger, Indiana Women's Basketball
Mackenzie Holmes and Grace Berger, Indiana Women's Basketball / Rich Janzaruk/Herald-Times / USA TODAY

Moren is presently preparing a sample of the next generation of elite hoopers for the grandest stage they have yet to encounter. Back in February, she was named the head coach of the 2024 USA Basketball Women's U18 National team. Now, the team is just a few weeks away from competing in the 2024 FIBA U18 Women's AmeriCup which spans from June 17th-23rd.

As the players brace themselves for battle, it must be comforting for them to have such a positive and uplifting influence calling the shots.

We do not possess any type of psychic abilities, but something tells us that good days lie ahead for Indiana University women's basketball as long as Teri Moren is in town. She makes things happen, and she makes the people around her better.

The world needs more people like this amazing woman.

Keep going, Teri!