Tennessee Tried to Steal Indiana's Coach, So Indiana's Coach Stole a Tennessee Player

Teri Moren, Indiana Women's Basketball
Teri Moren, Indiana Women's Basketball / SOPA Images/GettyImages

A few weeks back, news broke that the University of Tennessee women's basketball program was extremely interested in the idea of filling it's head coaching void with Indiana women's basketball head coach Teri Moren. Given the amount of success that Moren has produced in recent memory at the helm with the Hoosiers, it was not surprising that the Vols were intrigued in Moren's services.

Did you notice how the word were was distinguished from the rest of the previous sentence? That is because it did not take long for Moren to display her loyalty to the candy stripe faithful.

Teri Moren is an Indiana Hoosier, and she showed her true cream and crimson colors via this decision. She more than likely could have received a heftier payday were she to consider the switch, but her loyalty to this program was inspiring.

Clearly, Moren's devotion to IU caught the attention of more than just the administration at Tennessee.

With the 6'3" Karoline Striplin now in the mix down low, Moren adds yet another depth piece to a frontcourt looking to fill a gigantic void following the loss of Mackenzie Holmes.

Striplin may not have been the most prized prospect in the transfer portal, but her addition should prove critical as we look ahead to what could be yet another big season for Indiana women's basketball in 2024-2025. Her presence on the floor will undoubtedly benefit everyone around her, and her experience (entering her senior season) ensures that she should be ready to contribute from day 1.

While Striplin's commitment should primarily be chalked up to this storied basketball program, it should also be a subliminal message to all those who dare try to poach our commander. Is it a coincidence that there were a grand total of zero eligible players from the 2023-2024 roster that elected to enter the transfer portal?

Mackenzie Holmes, Teri Moren
Teri Moren and Mackenzie Holmes, Indiana Women's Basketball / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Teri Moren is OUR head coach, and that will remain the case for years to come as she continues to pave the path back to the top for Indiana women's basketball.