Luke Goode's transfer to Indiana Basketball proves Coach Woodson has a plan.

Legacy transfer Luke Goode gives the Hoosiers a shooter and a rotational player.
Illinois v Iowa State
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It is official: Luke Goode is an Indiana Hoosier. Woodson's signing of the Illinois transfer demonstrates what he wants to build at Indiana Basketball. Goode was a tremendous shooter and rotational player; expect him to fulfill the same role with Indiana. The Fort Wayne, Indiana native shot nearly 40 percent from three and comes to the Hoosiers with one year of eligibility left.

Goode does have ties to Indiana. His father, Craig, played football at IU. His uncle, Trent Greene, is an Indiana legend. He has several other relatives who either attend or have already graduated from Indiana.

Goode is proof of Woody's Plan

If there is one criticism of Woodson's coaching from last year, it is he took too long to shorten his bench. In his defense, he needed to find the best players to rotate in and out. Goode is perfect for the role because that was exactly what he did at Illinois.

Adding a player like Goode provides quality minutes and gives the Hoosiers something they desperately need: a reliable shooter. Last season, Goode shot 39 percent from three-point range. Goode is a high-motor player, diving for loose balls and getting after it defensively.

Goode, Myles Rice, and Kanaan Carlyle give Woodson options with a second unit. Goode allows the Hoosiers to space the floor with a reliable shooter alongside two playmakers in Rice and Carlyle.