Is it Time to Move on From Mike Woodson? What Social Media is saying.

Twitter has not been kind to Mike Woodson and the Hoosiers after their ugly loss to Rutgers
Indiana v Rutgers
Indiana v Rutgers / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

In the play "Fences," the main character, Troy Maxson, says, "You have to take the crooke with the straights." Such is the life of coaching one of the most recognizable brands in college basketball. Indiana's loss to Rutgers stoked the flames of Indiana Men's Basketball Twitter. People are calling for Mike Woodson's job once again.

Former player Brian Evans feels that Mike Woodson has reached his peak as the coach at Indiana. Evans feels the Hoosiers won't get better with Woodson at the helm. He isn't the only one. Others have not liked how Woodson has tried to use NBA strategies in the college game.

Indiana's loss to Rutgers exposed a lot of issues with the Hoosiers. They were leading when Woodson went with his second unit, they lost the lead and trailed the rest of the game. Xavier Johnson played well against Ohio State at home and was awful on the road against Rutgers. Trey Galloway has been ineffective since the Kansas game.

There's at least one writer who feels that it's not all of Coach Woodson. That said, Coach Woodson and his staff need to figure out these road woes. Their two road losses against Nebraska and Rutgers are bad losses.

There is even someone who knows who Indiana's next coach should be.

There are some fans, however, who have not given up hope in Woodson.

While the losses to Nebraska and Rutgers are tough pills to swallow, this is a young team. It's time to see CJ Gunn take another step forward. Galloway and Johnson clearly are not the answers moving forward. Do they have anyone on the roster to give the backcourt a spark?

Growing pains are common for any young team. Those growing pains are magnified in a conference like the Big Ten, where it is hard to win on the road. It's even more difficult at Indiana, a place starving for a winner and a return to the national spotlight.