Indiana Men's Basketball: Top 10 Hoosier Hoopers of the 21st Century

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals
Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals / G Fiume/GettyImages
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In every other state it is just basketball. In Indiana, it is a culture. It is a lifestyle. It is EVERYTHING.

When you take some time to reflect on the storied history of the Indiana University men's basketball program, there is no shortage of fond memories that float to the forefront of your cranium. Within those memories, there is a seemingly never-ending compilation of ball players whom were a large part of their creation. IU has become an epicenter for some of the greatest college basketball players of all-time spanning back to the program's inception in 1900. From Isiah Thomas to Calbert Cheaney to Steve Alford and so on, the list of historical Hoosier greats goes on and on and on.

And while some of those guys from back in the day have surely distanced themselves from the pack in terms of their place in the historical ranks, the new wave of Hoosiers whom have sported the candy stripes since the start of the 21st century have done their best to close the gap between their ancestral predecessors. With that in mind, here are the top 10 college basketball players to come through Bloomington since the shift in the century mark.

HONORABLE MENTION: Jared Jeffries, Tom Coverdale, Romeo Langford, Thomas Bryant, Verdell Jones III, Mario Killingsworth, Robert Vaden, Jalen Hood-Schifino, Troy Williams, Noah Vonleh, James Blackmon Jr, Robert Johnson, Xavier Johnson, Jordan Crawford, Malik Reneau, Kel'el Ware, Juwan Morgan, Earl Calloway, Armon Bassett, Will Sheehey, Collin Hartman, Nick Zeisloft