Indiana Basketball lost by 20 points tonight. Don't worry; the season is going like everyone predicted.

The Indiana Hoosiers have had an up and down season, including tonight's loss to #2 Purdue. Their up-and-down year is no surprise for many college basketball experts. Don't tell IU fans that, though.
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Kel'el Ware, Braden Smith
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Most of the Pundits saw the Season going this Way

Anytime you lose four starters, two of which are contributors on NBA teams, it is going to be difficult to have a measure of consistency the next season. Moreover, Mike Woodson and his staff are relying on a true freshman and two true sophomores to bear the brunt of the offensive and defensive burden for the team.

Most publications had the Hoosiers finishing between 5th-8th in the conference this season with a record around .500 in Big Ten play. Everyone associated with the basketball program knew things would have to come together in order for the Hoosiers to have an outstanding season. Many of those things have not happened.

Indiana has an excellent frontcourt but has no shooters when teams have the size and physicality to play with the Hoosiers. Xavier Johnson has battled injuries again this year, and he hasn't been consistent when he's been in the starting lineup. The knock on Mgbako coming out of high school was offensive consistency; that was also the same criticism of Kel'el Ware at Oregon. Ware has had injury issues, and Mgbako has been inconsistent.

This season has been a roller coaster, and that's what most pundits thought it would be.

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