Indiana Basketball lost by 20 points tonight. Don't worry; the season is going like everyone predicted.

The Indiana Hoosiers have had an up and down season, including tonight's loss to #2 Purdue. Their up-and-down year is no surprise for many college basketball experts. Don't tell IU fans that, though.
Indiana v Ohio State
Indiana v Ohio State / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages
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Mackenzie Mgbako
Indiana v Ohio State / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages

What the Fans are Saying

In situations like these, frustration is better than apathy. It's time to worry when fans stop showing up for games and stop buying season tickets. However, that doesn't stop fans from living up to their names (fan is short for fanatic) on social media.

While fans are not enjoying the Mike Woodson experience this season, firing Mike Woodson might not be the answer to the basketball program's woes. Indiana has hired six head coaches in the 25 years since Bobby Knight was fired by the Hoosiers. It's hard to build a culture when you are firing and hiring new coaching staffs every five years.

Woodson might not be the answer. However, he did lose arguably the best player in program history, Trayce Jackson-Davis, and one of the more exciting freshmen, Jalen Hood-Schifino, to the NBA. Woodson had to effectively replace the entire starting five from last season, which is not easy.

Mackenzie Mgbako has not been the impact freshman many people thought he could be. CJ Gunn hasn't made the leap as a sophomore. The only player that has made significant improvement from last year is Malik Reneau. Yes, that's coaching, but some players develop faster than others.