Indiana Basketball All-Time Starting Five: With two off the Bench

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The Reserves: Guard Quinn Buckner, Guard Victor Oladipo

Quinn Buckner has the unique distinction of being one of three basketball players with a High School State Championship, a National Championship, an NBA Championship, and an Olympic Gold Medal. He was the captain of the only undefeated National Championship team in 1976.

Buckner averaged just ten points per game in Bloomington, but he is regarded as a rugged defender and playmaker. That's what is needed coming off the bench. We need reserves that can hold a lead and defend. Buckner can do both.

Victor Oladipo is one of the better defenders in Indiana Hoosier history. Oladipo is third all-time in steals in Hoosier history. He was a First-Team All-American, Co-Defensive Player of the Year, Sporting News Player of the Year, and an Adolph Rupp Trophy recipient.

Oladipo was also an All-Big Ten selection and Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year. He is known for how hard he prepares for games. Every team needs an effort player and that is Oladipo. He can score when need be, but his most important trait is the ability to defend the any position in the back court.