Indiana Basketball All-Time Starting Five: With two off the Bench

How good would this team be in today's game?
Fans cheer during introductions before the Hoosiers play...
Fans cheer during introductions before the Hoosiers play... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Let the debate begin. These are seven of the best basketball players to ever play in Bloomington. This is not a list of the greatest of all time. This list is all about building a team to win a National Title in 2023. For all the old school people who are going to read this, there is only one player on the roster from the 70s.

Indiana is one of the great basketball brands in college basketball. However, the Hoosiers haven't won a National Championship since 1987, a Sweet 16 since 2015-16, and a Final Four since 2001-02. This season does look promising, however. While the Hoosiers look to get back to national prominence, there's nothing wrong with having a fantasy draft.

While some players on this team are among the all-time greats, this fantasy team was put together based on how well they'd hypothetically play together. In this era of basketball, you need shooters; we have those. You need rim protectors and great rebounders, we have those as well.

Keep in mind, there are only seven players on this team. What would your team look like? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook pages. Let's let the debate begin with this fantasy five, with two off the bench.