How hot is Mike Woodson's seat before the 2024-25 Season even Starts?

Indiana finished the season 19-14 and 10-10 in the Big Ten. Is Mike Woodson coaching for his job next season?

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Jalen Hood-Schifino
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The Recruiting of it All

If there is one thing that Woodson should be held accountable for it is the recruiting. Woodson said in an interview that he did not know that Jalen Hood-Schifino would be at Indiana for one year. However, in this climate of college basketball, he should know to be ready for that possibility, especially after his play the last month of the season.

Indiana came into this season without point guard depth. They relied on a player who was injury prone, and Xavier Johnson was hurt much of this season.

Then there is this cycle. The Hoosiers put their chips into two baskets, guard Liam McNeely and center Derik Queen, losing out on both of them. As of right now, Indiana has no high school players in its 2024 recruiting class. Indiana needs a point guard, shooters, and possibly a center in this cycle.

Coach Woodson has none of those things in the cycle currently. Woodson must recruit high school, the transfer portal, and the locker room with success to get back to the NCAA Tournament next season.

Do these things mean Coach Woodson's job is on the line in 24-25. Yes it does. The challenge for him and his staff is the same as this season; getting a roster of new players to play as a team.