5 Interesting 5-Man Lineups for Mike Woodson to Consider from Current IUBB Team

Myles Rice, Indiana Men's Basketball
Myles Rice, Indiana Men's Basketball / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Mike Woodson still has 2 outstanding scholarships to allocate before his offseason roster rejuvenation is relinquished, but there are already a bevy of intriguing lineup bundles for him to ponder leading up to the start of the 2023-2024 college basketball season.

Having too much depth is a good problem to have for a head basketball coach, and Mike Woodson already has an abundance of it. While there are still a few holes to fill on this depth chart, those should be accounted for in the coming weeks. Seeing the success that Woody has had thus far in the offseason, it would not be stunning for him to pick up 2 more rotation-ready players who could easily find their name(s) on some of these hypothetical lineup combinations.

Today, however, we are spotlighting the present personnel of this team. This current collection of 11 ballers is loaded with versatility, and Woodson will have the luxury of tinkering with his rotations to counter mismatch problems, injury issues, foul trouble, and so on.

With all of that in mind, here are 5 interesting 5-man lineups for Mike Woodson to consider trotting out next season.


PG | Myles Rice

SG | Trey Galloway

SF | Mackenzie Mgbako

PF | Malik Reneau

C | Oumar Ballo

Of all the possible permutations, this has to be the most likely to begin the season together as starters. With Mgbako being the only true "shooter" (he is due to improve on his 32.7% from deep as a freshman) of the bunch, things could get a little congested with this unit. Regardless, Rice and Galloway should be able to make enough happen off the bounce to offset any shooting struggles, and the Reneau-Ballo frontline could be unstoppable in the paint and on the boards.

Assuming everyone aside from Ballo increases their 2023-2024 connection rates from downtown and this lineup can shoot at least a combined 34-35% from beyond the arc, there is a good chance these guys could retain their starting spots from season's start to finish.