3 Things that Have to Happen for IUBB to Make the 2024 NCAA Tournament

Kel'el Ware, Indiana Men's Basketball
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Mike Woodson, Trey Galloway
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3. Advance to AT LEAST the Semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament

IF they could successfully complete the previous challenge, they would finish 19-12 in the regular season overall and 11-9 in conference play. That would rationally slot them somewhere in the 6-8 seed range in the Big Ten. More importantly, it would build an immense wave of momentum leading into the 2024 Big Ten tournament.

IF the Hoosiers can find the inner fuel to find a way to meet the previous criteria, the final step would be to win AT LEAST two games in the Big Ten tournament. A birth in the semifinals of the annual conference tourney would be the final way to POSSIBLY receive the stamp of approval from the decision makers.

At that point, Indiana would finish the season at 21-13 overall. That would most likely be enough to put them into serious consideration for being one of the last four in, and leave their fate in the hands of their overseers. However, the cream and crimson would still have their work cut out for them at that point. For perspective, the last four out a season ago were Oklahoma State (18-15 overall, 8-10 in Big 12 play), Rutgers (19-14 overall, 10-10 in Big Ten play), North Carolina (20-13 overall, 11-9 in ACC play), and Clemson (23-11 overall, 14-6 in ACC play).