2024 NFL Draft: How to watch, location, and dates.

Every player hopes to have their name called during the NFL Draft.
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When you hear the familiar jingle or see Roger Goodell walk toward the podium, you know that it is time for the NFL Draft. Here is how to watch and where it will be:

Where's the Draft this year?

The NFL Draft occurs in Detroit, in the downtown area surrounding the award-winning Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza. Admission is free. If you're planning a trip to the Motor City for the Draft, register here: NFL.com/DraftAccess or download the NFL OnePass app.

No professional sports league does the draft experience quite like the NFL. Children can play in the NFL Play 60 experience. Adults can take photos with the Lombardi trophy and shop in the official NFL store. There will also be autograph sessions with current and former league stars.

How to Watch the Draft:

Three networks provide coverage of the Draft this year: ESPN, NFL Network, and ABC. Fubo TV will stream the draft live. The CBS family of sports networks will provide coverage and analysis of the draft. If you don't stream or have cable services, turn your digital TV to your local ABC station.

Times for the Draft:

Thursday, April 25th: Round 1 (8pm Eastern)

Friday, April 26th: Rounds 2-3 (7pm Eastern)

Saturday, April 27th: Rounds 4-7 (Noon Eastern)