Watch Indiana Hoosiers react to being selected for the NCAA Tournament

Hoosiers fans, rejoice!

It’s just the second time this decade the program has punched a ticket to dance in March, but Indiana basketball certainly seems like it’s back.

Of course there’s big time work that still needs to done. Indiana made the tournament last year but were bounced early and it’s been since 2002 that the Hoosiers made it to the Final Four. Still, it seems like the program is emerging from the shadows of the era it just escaped from and Mike Woodson is truly building something special.

One thing that will help that is a nice run in the NCAA Tournament this year.

Such a thing would come after a rocky season for the Hoosiers that at times harkened back to frustrations of old. But overall the season was a massive step forward and the tournament trip is well deserved.

Needless to say, the reaction by the Hoosiers was pretty cool to see after all the team has been through this year. For all the ups and downs, the journey was worth it and led the program to this moment:

This year the Hoosiers will head to the tournament and play Kent State, a matchup that won’t be easy but should be a good early test for Indiana. If they’re going to kickstart a run in the tournament that carries them back to the Final Four — or to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time since 2016 — Kent State is a good matchup to start with.

For now, we can all enjoy the catharsis of the moment.