Indiana football vs. No. 16 Penn State: Time to make a change after embarrassing loss

Indiana Hoosiers head coach Tom Allen. Mandatory Credit: Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports
Indiana Hoosiers head coach Tom Allen. Mandatory Credit: Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports /

Indiana football lost to No. 16 Penn State, 45-14, and changed quarterbacks three times. From disappointment to embarrassment, there needs to be a change.

Blame the coaching, blame the players, or blame the entire athletic department, something is wrong with this Indiana football program and it’s time for something new.

Before kickoff even happened, there was confusion from media to fans about Connor Bazelak and the starting quarterback for the game. For some reason, Tom Allen and the coaching staff chose to give the nod to Jack Tuttle, a senior captain that has already made it clear that he’s not staying in Bloomington after this season.

To give the keys to your team for a game to a guy that is not even committed to the program in a couple of months baffles me. The quarterbacks of teams are supposed to be the leaders that everyone looks to. From kickers to defensive backs. How is any player on the team supposed to want to run through a brick wall for a guy that’s already given up on the program?

Now I’m sure most players in this program love and care about Jack Tuttle, but that’s not how you want your program represented as a coach. Especially when you have a capable quarterback like Dexter Williams II as your backup to Connor Bazelak.

And I’m sorry but did Brendan Sorsby, a true freshman, really need to come into the game after Tuttle went down with an injury with this embarrassment of an offensive line protecting them? The only way any quarterback could work with that offensive line is if he’s mobile enough like Williams II or Penix Jr. in recent seasons.

And don’t even get me started with this defense. Allowing 483 total yards of offense, 304 passing yards, and 179 rushing yards in a game where you’re trying to do anything to stop a great offense is horrifying.

Since Cam Jones went down with an injury, this defense has never looked the same, allowing 423.5 total yards of offense and 34.5 points per game in his four games missed. That’s some sick joke.

It’s one thing if your defense is bad and your offense is decent enough to hang around in high-scoring games. The Hoosiers’ defense is horrid and the offense has no clue what they’re doing on most drives. Heck, most drives end in three-and-outs anyways.

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I’m at a loss for words, yet I can go on and on about it until something changes. Whether it be time to let go of Tom Allen, get rid of this entire coaching staff and start fresh, or make a change in the athletic department. This Indiana football program cannot continue to be the embarrassment that it has been over the past 124 seasons.

702 losses and counting. The most in the history of Division I football.

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