Indiana Hoosiers snubbed from FanSided’s list of best fandoms

Indiana Hoosiers snubbed from list of best fandoms.

FanSided just released the FanSided 250 — a list of the 250 most intense fandoms in the world from sports teams, movies, TV shows, and even celebrities.

Now, as you may know, Hoosier State of Mind is proud to be a FanSided site. As you most certainly know, Indiana fans are some of the most passionate fans you will meet anywhere in the world. I live in Alabama at this current time, and when someone doesn’t understand why I love basketball so much, I simply respond, “In Indiana, basketball is what football is in Alabama.”

So it was quite a great surprise when I clicked the link to see the top-50 fanbases and didn’t find the Hoosiers on the list. I scrolled to numbers 50-100. Nothing. 100-200. Nothing. 200-250. Nope.

Your Indiana Hoosiers were not featured on the FanSided 250, but here are some of the schools that were:

Duke (#83, #9 in college)

Kentucky (#107, #14 in college)

Michigan (#112, #15 in college)

North Carolina (#115, #16 in college)

Iowa (#195, #20 in college)

Minnesota (#145, #17 in college)

Nebraska (#178, #19 in college)

Now before you go typing out angry Twitter posts at FanSided, you should know that fan votes were a very large portion of how the results were determined, so this is on us, Hoosier fans. In fact, since FanSided has been making the annual list (it started in 2017), IU hasn’t ranked in the top 250 ONCE.

There is pain not only in missing a bid to be on this list but seeing inferior fanbases like Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa outrank us is downright embarrassing. Big Blue nation almost ranks in the top 100 of the list but they won’t even come to play Indiana because of our incredible fans.

Next year, Hoosier fans, we are taking this list by storm.