Things Indiana football and Indiana basketball fans should be thankful for

Four things Indiana football and basketball fans should be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving Hoosier fans!

As you dig into some turkey and mashed potatoes, take a moment with us to appreciate the good things going on in the world of Indiana athletics.

Tom Allen

The Indiana football squad has the coach of the year in Tom Allen. At this point, only a massive late-season collapse would deny him of that honor. I don’t see a world where that happens.

Allen has been a blessing to a program that hardly has any laurels upon which they can rest. He has brought elite talent to Bloomington and created a winning culture built on love and brotherhood. This is only the beginning for Allen and the Indiana football program.

A successful start of the 2020 season

The beginning of the college basketball season was fraught with concern related to the Coronavirus, but Hoosier hoops are underway nonetheless. Furthermore, the Hoosiers looked like a more fun team than previous iterations under Archie Miller. The freshman all played very well, Trayce Jackson-Davis was dominant, and the defense was smothering.

The Hoosiers will take on Providence on Monday, November 30th in the Maui Invitational, and it will be interesting to see how the team looks against better competition. There is a lot to be excited about from game one.

A #12 College football playoff ranking

While some people may not be thankful for this, and I understand why it is still a great feat to be #12 in the country. There are certainly some questionable teams ahead of the Hoosiers, but if we are being honest with ourselves, Indiana is unlikely to be playing in the playoff.

You can be thankful for what you have while still looking for improvement in the future. Where we stand now, the Hoosiers are having one of their best seasons in program history, and the future is only going to get brighter. This is not a one-year ordeal.

Even though they should be ranked in the top-10, we can still appreciate how fun this season has been and be proud of our team.

Trayce Jackson-Davis

It has been almost a decade since Indiana had a player who was a legitimate preseason candidate to win the Naismith Player of the Year Award. Trayce Jackson-Davis looked the part against Tennessee Tech, and it will be a joy to watch such a dominating physical specimen do his work down low this season.

It is always fun to have one of the best players in the country on your team, and Hoosier fans should be excited to witness a superb year from the sophomore.