Indiana Football versus Michigan: Know your opponent

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A 2-0 Indiana football team will try to remain undefeated as they take on Michigan.

Trey Kaufman’s commitment to Purdue made it a tough weekend to be an IU basketball fan, but IU football provided some relief to that pain. The Hoosiers conquered Rutgers 37-21 and are now focused on Michigan this Saturday. Here are some things to know about the Wolverines heading into the weekend.

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It seems like Michigan is an enigma every single season under Jim Harbaugh. They never lack talent, and Harbaugh has been successful as a coach at every stop before Michigan. They are good every year, but not great, and not at the level their fans expect.

Out of all the top-tier Big Ten teams, the Wolverines are always the biggest candidate to blow a game like they did last week against Michigan State. Michigan State did nothing special to win that game. Their roster is among the worst in the Big Ten, as was evident in their loss to Rutgers in game one of the season.

Despite all that, Michigan couldn’t beat their in-state rival. This is all after beating Minnesota in an extremely convincing 49-24 win in their first game. Minnesota may be much worse than people initially predicted, but the Wolverines looked the part of a great team in that game.

The moral of the story is: who even knows what this team is capable of? They could come out and dominant Indiana in every facet of the game like they did against Minnesota, or they could lay an egg and let the Hoosiers walk right over them. We will have to wait and see which team shows up.

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