Indiana Basketball: Rumors of Trey Kaufman to Purdue appear to be true

Interior views of Indiana University's Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
Interior views of Indiana University's Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall /

Has Indiana Basketball lost Trey Kaufman to Purdue?

Trey Kaufman announced on October 20th that he would be making his commitment on the last day of the month. This created an exciting countdown for Hoosier fans as we waited to see who would win out between IU, Purdue, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana State.

Then, Indiana twitter’s equivalent of Adam Schefter — Sam Story — tweeted out that Kaufman’s decision was between Indiana and Purdue. We have reached the decision date and people are spouting off on Twitter about Kaufman to Purdue after this tweet from Blaire Westall.

It was unclear at first what this Twitter user was referring to. Almost no one else could corroborate whether or not Kaufman did let this news leak over live radio. Purdue fans had been boldly speculating the Silver Creek High School star to their school all day, and this seemed like it may just be added noise.

Then, founder Mike Pegram, an expert on all things recruiting, tweeted this out:

On top of that, Pegram had his 247Sports Crystal Ball pick as Kaufman to IU but has since changed it to Purdue.

Indiana basketball fans will find out Kaufman’s decision soon

It is worth noting that Kaufman is set to make his decision live on the radio at 6:00 pm ET tonight. It isn’t pre-recorded audio they are playing over the radio, it is a live commitment.

This news is baffling because Kaufman and his family have been so secretive with his decision during the process of his recruitment. After all that secrecy, the news leaks out the night before the actual commitment in a way that doesn’t even make any sense.

There was little validity to these rumors at first, but Pegram’s moves make me think they are legit. If they indeed are legit, this is a rare loss for Archie Miller in the recruiting landscape. He has been pushing hard for Kaufman for months, and usually, that strategy ends up winning a recruit’s heart.

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I’ve previously written about how I believe Kaufman has a higher ceiling than any Indiana recruiting target in the Miller era. With the right coaching, I believe he could be an NBA All-Star one day. Now, it appears he may be playing for the enemy. This one stings.