Indiana Basketball: More trade possibilities for Victor Oladipo

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#22 of the Golden State Warriors (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Golden State Warriors

Warriors trade:

Andrew Wiggins

Pacers trade:

Victor Oladipo
T.J. Leaf

This trade gives the Pacers Andrew Wiggins, the former number one overall draft pick. While Wiggins may not have lived up to the expectations of a number one pick, he is still just 25 years old and has room for improvement.

Wiggins started last season looking like a new player. He averaged a career-high 25.4 points and 3.3 assists per game through the beginning of December. People were beginning to think Wiggins was finally becoming the star many thought he could become.

However, what ended up happening is Wiggins just regressed to the mean and was eventually traded from Minnesota to Golden State. Wiggins could do well with Golden State, but the Warriors will most likely end up shipping the second overall pick in the draft along with Wiggins for someone who could help them win now.

Victor Oladipo wouldn’t be a seamless fit in Golden State, but he’d give them a better chance to win now than Wiggins does. Klay Thompson would slide up to small forward and Oladipo would be inserted at the shooting guard position.

This trade is very unlikely to happen, but it is fun to speculate nonetheless. It probably wouldn’t happen because Golden State could get a lot more value selling Wiggins to a low-tier team looking to rebuild.

Another interesting destination for Oladipo (I tried making a trade but it isn’t feasible with their roster at the moment) would be Dallas. The problem is that Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis wouldn’t be included, and they gave away much of their existing draft capital to the Atlanta Hawks for Doncic. Still, it would be a very good fit for Oladipo that the Mavericks could make happen if they wanted to.

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