Indiana Basketball: More trade possibilities for Victor Oladipo

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Speculating more trades for Indiana Basketball alum Victor Oladipo

We took a look at a few possible trades for Victor Oladipo a matter of days before he announced he wanted out of Indiana. Here are two more potential trades for the former Hoosier star.

76ers trade:

Joel Embiid
Tobias Harris
Zaire Smith

Pacers trade:

Victor Oladipo
Malcolm Brogden
Myles Turner
T.J. Warren

In a complete shakeup, Philadelphia and Indiana decide to shake up their key personnel and make a blockbuster deal to send Joel Embiid to Indiana. The trade works out well for both teams. I am not just pulling the Embiid trade out of nowhere. There are some whispers that the Sixers may be interested in trading their star center.

In this trade, the Sixers would build around Ben Simmons and surround him with more shooting and depth. Myles Turner would stretch the floor as a center, T.J. Warren would fill the void left by Tobias Harris at small forward, and Malcolm Brogdon and Oladipo would compete with Josh Richardson for starting shooting guard. The Sixers’ depth would be among the best in the league with this trade.

The Pacers, on the other hand, get a top-tier star at center to build around for the better part of the next decade. Harris is thrown in this trade to match salaries, but he is a solid player as well. However, the Sixers signed him to a bulbous contract which is now seen as one of the worst in the entire league. It would be a relief to send him off for more manageable contracts with trading potential.

The caveat to this trade is that the Sixers could almost definitely get another superstar in return for Joel Embiid instead of a crew of good players.

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