Indiana Football: Predicting the 2020 season part 1

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Predicting Indiana Football’s 2020 Season

We are counting down the days until the beginning of Indiana Football’s 2020 season with a collective excitement that is atypical for many Hoosier football seasons. Despite the shortened schedule, there is a buzz around Tom Allen’s team. Many people think it has a chance to be one of the most special in the program’s history. With that said, the Hoosiers still have an uphill battle to fight, as they will encounter several of the Big Ten’s most dangerous football teams.

Let’s take a look at the team’s schedule and predict the results.

Week 1: Penn State @ Indiana

Penn State is a tough matchup to kick off the year, but the Hoosiers are not without hope. Indiana fell to the Nittany Lions by just seven points last season at Beaver Stadium. At that time, Penn State was ranked ninth in the country.

Indiana had plenty of opportunities to win that game but ultimately made too many costly mistakes. They muffed a punt, committed a third-down pass interference, and failed to perform on a questionable fake punt call in their own territory. All of these mistakes ended in Penn State touchdowns.

Despite those mistakes, the Hoosiers were in the game the whole time and almost walked out with a win.

This season, the Hoosiers will be on Penn State’s radar, but IU has some new wrinkles to throw at them. I’m mainly referring to quarterback Michael Penix Jr. Peyton Ramsey played a phenomenal game against Penn State last season, but he isn’t the type of gameplan nightmare Penix is.

Barring something terrible happening in practice (knock on wood), there is no doubt Penix will play week one. The Hoosier know they can beat Penn State, and I think they do.

Prediction: Penn State 32, Indiana 38


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