Indiana Football: Three stats to know for 2020-2021 season

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Some Indiana Football statistics every fan should know

Indiana football comes back on October 24th when the Hoosiers take on Penn State. As we look forward to that day, let’s review some relevant statistics from the 2019-2020 season.

31.8 & 432.8

Last season, Indiana ranked fifth in the Big Ten in scoring offense with 31.8 points per game. It’s a good thing to outscore nearly 66% of the league on average. This is why partly the Hoosiers were able to win many middle-of-the-pack games.

If Indiana can keep this scoring pace, they will make life difficult for whichever team they play week to week. If Michael Penix Jr.can stay healthy, it adds a whole other dynamic to the offense which defenses have to gameplan for. The Big Ten must be praying that Penix has injury problems again. A player with his kind of game-breaking ability has the potential to wreak havoc on a team any given Saturday.

On top of the scoring, the Hoosiers were the third-best team in the conference in terms of yards per game at 432.8. Only Wisconsin and Ohio State gained more yards from scrimmage.

These two statistics are impressive on their own, but they’re likely to improve next season if everyone stays healthy. Whop Phylor is in line to have a phenomenal senior season, and Penix Jr could turn heads in the national media if he can put together a complete season. IU’s offense is going to keep them in games at the very least.


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