Indiana Basketball: Hoosiers crack Rivals top-10 list

Indiana Hoosiers, Indiana Fans (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Indiana Hoosiers, Indiana Fans (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Is Indiana Basketball a top five job in the country?

Rivals ranked the top 10 college basketball coaching jobs if they became available right now, and Indiana rightfully cracked the top 10. Writer Dan McDonald pinned the Hoosiers at the seventh spot on the esteemed list.

While it is ideal to even be on this list, some questionable entries are surrounding the Hoosiers. Ahead of them, in order from number one to number six, are Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Arizona, and Louisville. While I don’t think anyone could doubt the top four (perhaps the order, but not the teams themselves), numbers five through ten get muddy.

Arizona belongs on the list so I’ll leave that one mostly untouched. McDonald brings up the excellent point that they are usually the best PAC-12 school and have very little competition for West Coast high school talent.

Louisville has a new coach but is still dealing with the controversy surrounding the Rick Pitino era, even prompting top-50 recruit Bryce Hopkins to decommit from the team. Louisville has a great history, great facilities, and is in the ACC, but to say that they are above Indiana with all the turmoil currently hovering over the program is ridiculous.

The school immediately following Indiana is Florida, which is ahead of Villanova and Gonzaga. To have Florida a step down from Indiana is just silly. I’m not even sure I’d put Florida ahead of Tennessee as the second-best job in the SEC, and Tennessee does not belong on this top-10 list.

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Villanova belongs on this list and Gonzaga is debatable. If Villanova and Arizona were ahead of Indiana, I’d accept it, but Louisville, Florida, and Gonzaga are all questionable choices. Tell us on Twitter who you think should have been taken off the list or added. As for me, I’d say that Syracuse, Michigan State, and Virginia should be in consideration ahead of the other schools on the list.