Indiana Football: Even more optimism for fall football season

The Indiana football team might be lacing up their cleats after all for the fall season. Reports keep coming out that the season might happen sooner than later now.

The thought of Big Ten football in the fall has had more highs and lows than a drama movie. We had them announce a conference only schedule. then just six days later postpone the season. That led to a lot of protests and petitions for the season to be played.

That led to President Trump getting involved and having a with Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren about getting the season back on. This of course was after Warren released a letter saying that the fall season was not going to be explored anymore.

If you are as confused as we are don’t feel bad. Some of the news has seemed like wishful thinking, but could it be more than that now? Reports earlier this week said they were looking at a Thanksgiving week start, but could it be sooner.

There are now rumors trickling out that we could have a Big Ten season start as early as October 10th and would allow the conference to be a part of the College Football Playoff. It was even reported by Dan Patrick on Twitter.

We wrote earlier this week about the Thanksgiving start date, but the new rumors could have us watching our Hoosiers much sooner. Depending on who you believe, or if you believe anything at all right now, it is everything from a done deal to a wait and see.

With as bad as this year has been, who knows what will happen. But when any good rumors starting popping up, it makes us excited to watch some football. Will it happen? Your guess is good as mine.

There was some good news earlier this week also when it was reported that none of the players that played in the Austin Peay and Central Arkansas game tested positive after the game. It showed that when protocols are followed this can work. That will do nothing but help the argument to have football.

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Until we get official word, though, these will all just stay rumors, but could we just be a month out from some Big Ten football? Our fingers are crossed and we hope it is true. We hope we get to see another touchdown by Whop Philyor before he heads off the to NFL. Let’s get over this hurdle and make it happen.


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