Indiana Football: Philyor latest to join #wewanttoplay movement

Indiana football player Whop Philyor has joined other college football players stating that they want to play in 2020.

With one tweet Senior wide receiver, Whop Philyor joined the growing momentum of college football players saying they want to play this year.

Saturday night college football players started to unite in the #wewanttoplay movement on Twitter. Led by arguably the best player in the country Trevor Lawrence, many college players have come together to try and save the college football season.

Some have even argued that is a player can opt-out of the season, then they should be able to opt-in also. Many have stated that they feel safer playing football. They feel they have a safer environment to be in and have better access to protocols needed to keep them healthy.

Philyor has already established himself as one of the best, if not the best, receiver in the Big Ten and one of the best in the country. He has little to gain in respect to his NFL future, but with a lot of talent returning for the Hoosiers, he has a lot to prove in the Big Ten.

It still seems like this won’t be enough to save the season, but it is nice to see college football players come together in support of the season and one another. The best part of it is that some of these players could potentially have more to lose by playing than not.

Lawrence, the starting quarterback for Clemson, is most likely going to be the first pick in the NFL draft next year but is still leading the way. Will it be enough is hard to say, but hopefully, it gets as much notice as the players opting-out.

Recently Rondale Moore of Purdue opted-out and he has every right to and we even as rivals respect his decision. But if that get s a lot of notice so should the players wanting to play. They know the risks and are willing to take them to play a season, maybe it might resonate with the top officials.

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We just talked about how our worst sports fear might be coming true, but maybe this is the last minute hail mary that saves the season.