Indiana Football: 3 guys the Hoosiers are glad are gone

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The Indiana football team has a lot of expectations coming into the 2020 year and could be helped out by a few guys no longer being in school.

The 2020 football season could be something special for the Hoosiers. They are coming off a strong 8-5 season and return a lot of their skilled position players. They also should be better on defense as they try and shore up that side of the ball.

While we still don’t know how the season will play out or if they will get all 12 games in, the Hoosier faithful are still looking forward to what this season has in store.

It could become very interesting for Indiana if no fans are allowed to attend games, as they are scheduled to travel to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio State. Three of the loudest stadiums in the Big Ten and definitely pose a serious home-field advantage for those teams.

With no fans in the stands, it could actually benefit the Hoosiers more than any other team in the conference. If the home-field advantage is taken away from those teams it suddenly gives the Hoosiers a better chance at pulling off the upsets. In a year when they have a rough road schedule, it could become a lot more manageable.

What could also make the schedule easier is the fact that some players are no longer at their schools? Whether it be to graduation or early entry into the NFL draft, the Hoosiers will benefit from these guys no longer playing in the Big Ten.

So what players are the Hoosiers thankful for no longer playing for teams on their schedule. We take a look at three guys Indiana is glad are gone.

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