Indiana Basketball: Another transfer possibility for Hoosiers?

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The Indiana basketball team still has two scholarship spots open, could they fill one of them with a transfer from Oklahoma State?

Archie Miller and the Indiana basketball team has been very reluctant to dip their toes into the transfer portal to fill their two open scholarships. Either they don’t want to disrupt what they have with the team or Mille is more focused on graduating high school seniors.

It isn’t for the lack of good transfers available. There have been plenty of players enter the portal that Indiana could have used. We have talked about plenty of them here and how they would fit but yet they keep signing with other teams without a peep from the Hoosiers.

They are like the complete opposite of the Arkansas Razorbacks. They seem to be in on every single transfer and recently grabbed former Hoosier Justin Smith. While Miller doesn’t need to do what they are doing an exclusively go after transfers, testing some out wouldn’t be the worst idea.

This is especially true when one comes along that could really fit a glaring need for the Hoosiers. Indiana has seemed to shore up their guard play with the incoming 2020 class combined with what they have returning. But they still have a need in the frontcourt.

Yes, the Hoosiers have Trayce Jackson-Davis returning who would be great on any team, but after that they get thin quick. They do return Joey Brunk, but he is definitely more of a role player. Race Thompson and Jerome Hunter seem ready to take the next step but they are still largely unproven.

The Hoosiers need to bring in some size and it wouldn’t hurt to have a player that has the experience and can jump right in and be a key piece for the Hoosiers.

Could the recent postseason ban for Oklahoma State provide that opportunity for the Hoosiers?

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