Indiana Basketball: 100 days until football, what we are looking forward to most

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The Indiana football team is 100 days from starting their season (hopefully), so we take some time and look at what we are looking forward to most this season.

Today marks 100 days until the Hoosiers start their football season if everything goes as planned. It is still a question mark if the season will be played in its entirety, but for right now let’s assume it will.

It would be a shame if it didn’t, because it seems like there is as much anticipation for this Indiana football season as any other in a long time. The Hoosiers are bringing back a lot of talent and have an early schedule that could really get them off to a good start.

Last season Indiana was ranked in the top 25 for the first time since 1994, played in a bowl in the state of Florida for the first time ever, and had a winning record in the tough Big Ten. It was a season to remember, but one they want to improve upon this year.

So as we sit 100 days out from Indiana football we want to highlight things we are most excited about seeing this season.

1. The Hoosiers opening up their season at Wisconsin

Indiana draws a tough game right out of the gate. Not only do they have to start with a conference game, but it is also against the defending Big Ten West champions. Compound that with the fact that it is on the road in arguably one of the toughest places to play in the conference.

WInning at Camp Randall is not easy as the crowd (which will hopefully be there) is crazy. They love their Badgers and provide one of the best home-field advantages in the Big Ten. That is all  before the start of the fourth quarter when the Badger fans do this:

The place gets nuts and it is a great atmosphere. Even with the challenge the Hoosiers will face heading to Madison, it will be great to see them on the field with an opportunity to pull off a huge upset to start the year.

Will it be tough for the Hoosiers to win…absolutely. But at the same time, Indiana will be playing football with a chance to prove itself. Sign me up.

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