Indiana Basketball: Five bold predictions for this decade

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The Indiana basketball program is still looking to get back to the top as we start the new decade. What can we expect from the Hoosiers in the next ten years?

The new decade has started with the Hoosiers still trying to figure out where they are in the Big Ten and the national scene. They look to be trying to climb their way up but still, questions remain if this team is ready to take the next step.

The Hoosier faithful hope they will be dancing at the end of March, but before then let’s take a stab at five bold predictions for the Indiana basketball team for the next decade.

1. Indiana makes the NCAA Tournament at least eight times

There used to be a time in the not too long past when Indiana made the tournament every single year and it was barely a question. It has been a while since that has been the case as the Hoosiers haven’t even made the tournament in the last three years.

This year the Hoosiers look like they are on their way to make the tournament again, but it looked like that last year before they went on a ridiculous slump and blew their chance at getting a bid. Even with their struggles, Indiana is still the type of program that can attract good enough players to get to the tournament each year. If our last bold prediction happens it will be even more attractive but more on that later.

I really think that Indiana will be dancing each year, but predicting ten would be really bold, so we are going to go with at least eight.

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