Indiana Basketball: Jordan Geronimo brings athleticism, versatility to IU

BLOOMINGTON, IN - DECEMBER 28: Fans cheer during the game between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Assembly Hall on December 28, 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***
BLOOMINGTON, IN - DECEMBER 28: Fans cheer during the game between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Assembly Hall on December 28, 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** /

Indiana basketball received another commitment for the 2020 class on Monday, from four-star wing Jordan Geronimo.

Archie Miller continued his recent string of recruiting success on Labor Day, with class of 2020 forward Jordan Geronimo committing to the Indiana basketball program late in the evening.

Geronimo, a New Hampshire native, has experienced tremendous success during his AAU season this past Summer, going from being an unranked recruit all the way to 98th in the nation per 247Sports.

Geronimo’s recruitment was every bit as hasty as his climb in the rankings. He received a scholarship offer from IU in July, and took his official visit on the 30th of August. Geronimo committed just a day after his visit to Indiana, despite having visits to both Boston College and Georgia scheduled later this month.

Since Geronimo’s recruitment has gone at a lightning pace, many fans may be unfamiliar with what they will be getting in the young wing. It all boils down to two words: untapped potential.

“While he can be inconsistent, Geronimo has all the physical tools you could want in a hybrid forward. He stands around 6-foot-6, has excellent length, is a very good athlete, and then also has the ability to make shots from deep. The next step for Geronimo is to be more consistent with his production, and that definitely seems like an attainable goal.” – 247 Sports’ Brian Snow

The 2020 wing boasts a massive 7-foot wingspan: the mark of elite defensive potential. His feel for the game still needs some fine tuning, but in Archie Miller’s defense-first system, Geronimo could be able to contribute some of his skills right away.

Geronimo has the ability to score both inside and out, though he needs to become more consistent.

He averaged just 9.1 points per game this summer, but that number grew to 17.5 points per game in the last two outings of the AAU season. It will be interesting to see what his numbers are like in his final high school season, but judging by his current trajectory, it looks to be rather promising.

The New Hampshire product needs to work on his offensive arsenal, but he has a knack for a few things on that side of the ball. He can finish in the paint with a dunk or a layup, using those long arms to extend to the rim. Geronimo especially excels at finishing off of dump-offs and as a roller in pick and roll. Overall, he shot an efficient 53.6 percent from the field during the AAU season.

Although he has somewhat of a slow release and some mechanical imperfections, Geronimo can hit the catch-and-shoot three pretty well, shooting a respectable 34.8 percent from behind the arc during the summer and 38 percent during his junior season. He doesn’t yet have the ability to shoot off the dribble effectively, but given his current rate of improvement, that’s a shot he could conceivably develop in a few years.

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For now, Hoosier fans should just embrace the good news that this guy can reliably space the floor, a much-needed quality for an Indiana roster with little shooting ability on the wing.

Geronimo will also give the Hoosiers some small-ball versatility. He has the height of a two or a three at 6-foot-6, but his wingspan potentially gives him the ability to match up with some fours as well. He could stand to add some size, as he currently only weighs around 195 pounds, but Indiana strength and conditioning coach Clif Marshall is arguably the best at what he does, and Geronimo has a body type which allows him to put on muscle easier than some others. Once he adds some more muscle, Geronimo as a small-ball four is a definite possibility.

In terms of what he needs to improve, it is somewhat unclear, but there are some things that stick out.

Geronimo appears to do most of his scoring off the ball, whether it be off of catch-and-shoots, pick and rolls, or dump offs. In order to take the next step in developing his offensive game, he’ll need to work on his ball-handling and ability to score off the dribble. He also needs to channel his recent success into a consistent way of being on the court.

It will take some time both on the court and in the weight room for Geronimo to contribute heavily to the team. He will certainly need some time to gain court feel and develop sound instincts. This is a guy who wasn’t even a DI prospect a few months ago, and now he’ll be playing at the height of collegiate basketball competition. That may scare some people into thinking this kid’s success is a fluke, but Geronimo only improved all summer long, and he did it at an extremely rapid pace. He also underwent a growth spurt a few months ago, which gifted him with an elite basketball body and helped him become the player he is today.

There’s a lot to be curious about with Jordan Geronimo. His breakneck pace of improvement leaves you wondering just how much better he can be, and if he’s even close to his peak as a player. It wouldn’t surprise me if his momentum propelled him to an excellent senior season and helped him climb even higher up the recruiting boards.

There are comparisons out there of Geronimo to former Hoosiers OG Anunoby as well as Victor Oladipo, with the rawness of their games when arriving at Indiana.

An enthused optimist would say that Geronimo has NBA potential at his peak due to his frame. A cynic would say he’s just had a string of recent luck. I say that Indiana just picked up a commitment from a guy who visited campus and couldn’t even wait two days before declaring his infatuation with the program and signing.

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At the very least, I’m thrilled by that sentiment, and I’m excited to see where Jordan Geronimo ends up in a few years.