Indiana basketball outplayed again & more takeaways in Northwestern loss

Indiana's Jalen Hood-Schifino (1)
Indiana's Jalen Hood-Schifino (1) /
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#2. Trayce Jackson-Davis can take a small step back offensively and lead the defense

I know. I know. This sounds crazy.

Trayce Jackson-Davis played all 40 minutes in Sunday’s game and came away with 18 points, 24 rebounds, and eight assists on 8-for-19 shooting from the field and also added four blocks and three turnovers.

That stat line is pretty unreal. But in my eyes, Jackson-Davis took the second half as an opportunity to “get his” and earn his second career triple-double. To me, a guy that could get his own anytime he wants to if he gets good position in the post, why isn’t he demanding the ball more?

His catches are too far out for him to not be double-teamed, then he looks to pass so he can get his assists. Yes, it’s great that he wants to create for teammates, but at what point does your Preseason Big Ten Player of the Year candidate say, “it’s my time” and just own the floor?

Not knocking anything Jackson-Davis has done this season, because he has played harder than I’ve seen him in his entire career, but it’s time for the guy to get some help and step up as a leader defensively to anchor this team back to what they can be this season.