Indiana Hoosiers football betting

If you are attending college or university in America, following your college football team is one of the more popular activities, along with drinking (and other things that we won’t go into here). Lots of those who like to follow the NCAA college football leagues and divisions also like to put bets on the teams with bookmakers, as even those who follow teams with little chance of glory can still bet on them to win one-off games during the season. So are the Indiana Hoosiers, in the Big Ten Leaders division, looking like that kind of side or one who can aim for something higher this season?

They have had a decidedly patchy time of it so far this season, although there have been more defeats (6) than victories (4) so far. Although certainly not the worst start anyone has ever made, it also does not leave them looking like they can win this division – particularly with really strong sides like Ohio State standing in their way. They are not even listed amongst the bookmakers’ odds for the BCS Championship, and they would have to be considered a real outsider wager for anything other than straightforward single match bets. Therefore if this does not appeal then trying and the football themed casino games on offer there would be a smarter pick.

They can’t absolutely guarantee you a payout during your casino games session, but most of these games have multiple pay lines as well as a wild reel icon that is able to fill in for a missing one when needed to complete a winning line, so the odds are in your favor. This means the likes of $5 Million Touchdown probably give you a stronger shot at a win than virtually any other type of gambling, and when you consider that the name of that NFL themed slot game comes from the size of its jackpot, you can see that it is a win worth playing for. These games are really easy to play from any location as well now, with the emergence of mobile casino, so betting on the Hoosiers is definitely not the only game in town any more.

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